Need your help, thougths.

I have an interview for a research assistant position at an asset management firm next week. I talked to the hiring manager on the phone for about 20 minutes in which he got some background info from me, education, gpa, responsibilites of my current job, etc. He mentioned that I would meet with some of their analyst’s, what type of questions should I expect? Does the role sound worthwhile? This is my first interview for a position like this, so any help would be much appreciated.

Michael, You haven’t given us very much information - and certainly not enough for anybody to give their opinion about whether or not they think the job is worthwhile. What size firm? What industry? Etc. Besides, you take the interview FIRST, then worry about whether or not you want the job after you get an offer. Checkout the “Beat the Street® II: I-Banking Interview Practice Guide” by WetFeet. It’s designed for ibanking, but a lot of the questions might be applicable. They have some sample questions about valuation techniques, ratio analyses, and some personality type questions which I would assume apply to your situation as well. Good luck!