Need your suggestion for IB jobs

In the past fifteen months, I have been working for a top tier IB bank as an offshore associate. My job is to assist a strategist’s daily work, including drafting reports, collecting info and doing some ad hoc research. Since the strategy research doesn’t need any detailed model, for the past one year, I learnt little on modeling although I have improved my writing skill and got some basic techniques in analyzing company and indsutry. Actually, I feel I need to move on and to look for a new job. But without any modeling skill, I don’t think I can find an appropriate IB job. I just passed CFA L1 and have 4 years’ working experiences (2y in a VC company as business analyst, 1y as real estate analyst, 1y as offshore associate for an IB equity research department). What should I do and what kind of IB position should I look for? Need your suggestion. Thanks in advance.

apply to a good b school and interview for summer internship… going to be tough to land a BB with your exp… do you want to do banking

Thanks gldenboy09! My academic background: undergraduate in Accounting; master in Finance and Investment. I’m wondering whether I should stay at my current company for another one or two years or I should just try to apply for a real IB job. Since now I’m in the offshore office. BTW I’m in China where job openings from international IBs are quite limited. I’m already 29. Am I too old to apply for an entry-level position?

liy09: At 29, it would be difficult to land an entry-level position at global IBs in China, especially with competition from young talents coming out of Beida and Qinghua MBA programs. Have you considered domestic brokerage or boutique firms? Shops such as Citic Securities, China Renaissance and China eCapital are up-and-coming. My advice would be: learn modeling, finish the CFA, get into a solid domestic group for a few years, and jump to a bulge bracket bank if that’s what you desire.

liy09 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > In the past fifteen months, I have been working > for a top tier IB bank as an offshore associate. what’s an “offshore associate”? is that an official title? the way things have going lately, i was thinking about offshoring myself to someplace like dubai or tahiti

i lived in dubai for a while, and i am not sure it is all what it seems to be sad, but true

Place is a shi*-hole that’s made to look like all pretty by a bunch of PR firms. Foreigners have no rights at all

Thanks Beijingbadger! Two of my ex-colleague just left: one got an offer from Temasek and the other went to a top 5 US IB (based in Hong Kong). They have a similar background to mine. That’s the trigger let me think of changing my career.

id love to have your current position, its unfortune you arent an expat, i heard they get paid multiples of what domestic workers get paid.