Negative AF points

When I look at the AF points list, there is someone with -1 AF points. Click on the last page and “farhan786aslam” has negative AF points. The only man in AF history. That deserves an AF reward.

Soon, that guy is going to owe us a dopp kit!

Would be funny if he actually produced “Farhan Aslam” branded accessories…

I still can’t believe that daj is still a top poster. That guy must have spent every waking moment crushing natties and posting here.

I wish I could cut that kid. What a chump.

I’m 10 days away from Analyst Forum retirement. He can have mine.

^ you think you’ll retire, and you may for a few weeks or months…but on a crisp fall day in October, you will see AF in your bookmarks and click…and you will be back…forever. and it will feel oh so good.

As Don Henley and his boys once bellowed, “you can checkout anytime you like, but you can never leave”

Where do you go to see the points list?

^ Near the middle of the right hand side of the site.