Negative enterprise value companies

Posting up on negative EV companies. One that I’m aware of is Nano Dimensional Ltd (NNDM). $1.4B cash on hand, ~$930M market cap, no debt. That ■■■■ is whacked. They have net losses projected forward and I don’t know the story but that is really interesting to me. Anyone else aware of any other negative EV companies that could be interesting to look at? Also, not saying NNDM is a potentially good investment, I don’t know the story at all and it’s got one hell of a stock price history, and it looks like the management may have had some legal problems, but just the idea of a $930M company having $1.4B cash on hand is just nuts to me. It’s bringing me back to my reading graham and dodd, like this stuff shouldn’t exist. But maybe it is that much of a value trap.

last year they had -500m fcf. so that cash pos going down.