Negative Side effects

Are there any negative side effects from working in the financial industry in roles such as analysts, traders, bankers, etc.

Can have a negative effect on your personality and sense of entitlement. Can lead to expensive divorces. Some people have coke or amphetamine problems, too.

There are no negative effects. Well… I guess there are egomania, lack of physical activity, high stress, social dysfunction, and potential cocaine addiction. Also, if you are not careful, you will develop spiky hair and a wardrobe full of pink neck ties. Other than that, it’s all good.

Why are you asking that question?

Is this serious??

I was wondering if what are the potential pitfalls that can ruin a person’s career from prosperity to ludicrousity. Its hard not only to enter an i-bank, but also to maintain continuity in this prestigious career. Working in the financial industry is characterised with High Stress and High Return, its all about the ways to handle these stress. May be I should have ordered “How not to ruin your financial job for Dummies”.

It depends what happens to you. If you become a trader and fail (which a great many people do), it could be a humbling experience. If you take a job as a junior guy in banking at goldman sachs, you could become exceedingly arrogant even though you are not the real rainmaker