Negative Skewness


I have a doubt for negative skewness

I believe why the Median < Mean in positive skew because the bigger positive data would bring the mean higher on the right side, but why this is not the case for negative skew as we have large data now on the left side so shouldn’t the Mean be greater than mode and median for negative skew

Does this help, my friend? The mode is the point on the top of the distribution arc. So if it’s a positively skewed or negatively skewed distribution, the median (midway data point) will always between the mode (most commonly repeated number, the high point of the distribution line) and the mean (the average of all the data points). The direction of their ranked order is in the picture below, cheers you definitely got this :+1:

Think of it this way. If you have a negatively skewed distribution, you will have a whole range of numbers, some large and many small ones. But your most common number happens to be a relatively large one. This is how the negative skew distribution forms. Due to the very popular larger number that is the most common number, your median (the midway ranked order number) will be higher than your mean (the average of all the data numbers which is weighed down by the large amount of small numbers but also has a few larger numbers that are actually the most repeated in the data set).

Yes, this was really helpful. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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