Nelson’s Directory of Investment Managers

Has anyone ever used the Nelson’s Directory of Investment Managers? I stumbled upon it here: Is it a valuable resource for finding investment managers in your geographical area? Does it provide descriptions on the manager’s style, AUM, etc?

Do you have an access to it? It’s only for students/faculty… I heard it’s a good source…

finally tracked this down…turned out to be pretty useful for me. It has a section that lists investment managers by geographical area, which is just what I was looking for.

Where did you end up finding it? Any advice on tracking one down?

Is there a way I can access it? I’m looking for a list of investment managers by a specific city (or zip code). Could someone help me get this information? I don’t want to post my email address or the city in question here, though.

I believe that SIBL (Science, Industry, and Business Library) at 34th and Madison has copies available (maybe even electronically searchable). Of course, you’d need to be in New York to get at it.

Yeah, I found it in the library at my school.

S&P also has one: The have 20,000 advisors apparently to Nelson’s 2,000. I called them today to see how good their database is. They actually had a very new, very small firm listed in their database (it’s a firm I know). I was impressed. Anyone have a subscription to this?