Brave Ones,

Just want to share my kit for tomorrow’s challenge…

See you in the ‘convention’… could you believe it, they also require HB2 :)))

Start your engines…

You even bought the pencils pre-sharpened. Strong move. Good luck!

To be honest I think I could not have been luckier with the t-shirt…is simply perfect for the exam :slight_smile:

Thank you Chuck. All the best for you too.

didn’t you forget the pens?

Best of luck Tigas. You have been the “Brave One” most often… and tried to induce the bravery in all of us. All the very best.

CP, I will go only for pencils…

You won my entire respect some months ago, back in L2… please be focused and confident tomorrow and you will win your deserved Charter.

Love it. I have almost the same lineup ex- the awesome shirt. I bought a second calculator from amazon, but it didn’t arrive in time, so I bought an extra battery instead. Last minute, decided to drop the pilot frixion pen and use a regular micro point pen instead. Good luck!

The two calcs helped me a lot in L1 with longer calculations… taking the two but only as a backup this time.

Tomorrow is just one more day practicing… that’s how I am trying to keep the pressure from mounting… I’ve practice so many times for 2x3 hours… the difference tomorrow is that I will start earlier at 9 and I will wear for the 1st time my super power nerd cfa t-shirt :slight_smile:

… the rest is as usual.

CONFIDENCE is # 1. Be positive.

Good luck J.Huntley!