Net borrowing caculation-notes payable related

I know that net borrowing is change in long and short term debt

Why is notes payable counted in net borrowing? I am always a bit confused by note payable and account payable, I know notes payable is not part of current liability, but it is part of total debt? Where is this detail coming from and what is notes payable and why is it treated like this, is this because it generates interest ? and account payable doesnt? so account payable is part of current liability? why is it that if you dont pay interest you are part of current liability?

And besides long term and short term debt and notes payable, what else is part of the total liability, which the rest we have excluded from net borrowing?

notes are debt. Accounts payable are working capital accounts, and a current account. It would not be included in borrowing. For net borrowing just look at ST LT Debt/Notes payable. Do not bother looking at other liability accounts you are making it way harder than it is