Net borrowing

What exactly is “Net borrowing” in the FCFE equation. In other words what would they have to give us in a question that would require us to figure out what net borrowing is? I realize I probably should have learned this in Level I and that I’m an idiot. Thanks,

debt issued less debt repaid

Thanks Northeastern Student

look for the change in debt on the B/S or CF statement, usually they will give you a footnote if any debt was repaid

They would either state how much they’ve borrowed and how much they’ve repaid or a variation of cashflow and balance sheet statement for you to derive the amount the company paid back/borrowed.

Will either be provided as a single # or you will get a balance sheet for 2 years and have to find the cumulative change in: N/P LT Debt ST debt Current Portion of LT debt

Awesome, I can handle that then. Thanks guys