Net meeting technology

Has anyone used any decent net meeting technology?

I’m looking for something to allow people who are not in my office to view what’s on my screen (i.e. PowerPoint presentation, XL spreadsheet, etc) while I speak to them over the phone.

Ideally I’d like something which doesn’t require others to install anything (i.e. just a weblink). Also ideally something that is free or very cheap.

I use it all of the time

Looks good but it’s $29 a month. My work has telepresence technology so they would just tell me to use that instead of spending the money on this. I don’t want to use the telepresence technology because it’s a pain in the ass (you have to book the room for everyone, the rooms are located in another building, etc). is pretty good.

skype ftw?

Do you have Microsoft Office Communicator on the intranet of your work?

Best Answer!!! Thanks Chad.

@RawRaw, yes I have office communcator but unfortunately I’ve found a lot of people within the company don’t have it installed or have it but don’t know how to login, etc. It’s always end up being painful when you have a 5 way conference call and you end up spending 15 minutes trying to explain to them how to get communicator working.

I’ve only taken Join.Me for a quick spin but it looks to do everything I need it to do for free. There is also a Pro version that has extra functionality for those who need it.

i use livemeeting at work, they just click a link for that.