Netflix explained!

Real good stuff!

Just saw the one about monogamy! More partners pleaseeeeee

designer babies! Heck yeaaaa!! Make me superior babies that don’t cry shit and get hungry!!!

and now I’m about to see racial wealth gap!!! Down with the whiteys!

all jokes aside! It’s great stuff!!

teh generational wealth gap thoguh is more finicky. im not really sure what to think. i took a class on this in college that basically showed stats that show that minortiies who stay too long in the us become dumber. like immigrants that typically come here are smart. their kids however are less succesful. until finally in the third generation they are as dumber than the avg american. so obvi their is a cultutral bias. i still remmeber this one immgirant black dude from africa that was like super smart and proper. vastly different from domestic blacks.

they also mentioned mortgage and how black people were turned away at some homes. i remember a white buddy making that joke at his mil dollar house in hs. interesting enough the dude is now a mortgage broker. but i found it funny how many blacks signed up for sub prime even the ones with good jobs. my parents was actually suckered to a sub prime by the filipina real estate agent. real sleazeball whore imo. she tried to charge my parents 2k for a loan modification. i did it on my down time as a college student. from that day on they never asked her for help. lol also i know anecdotally that hispanics get charged crazy rates in the auto industry. lol even if they are college educated have good income etc etc. lol so there is defintiely racism there.

the power of compunding was mentioned and quoted the real rate of the stock market at 7%. which is interesting i just read a piece tht said that the real return on the stock market was 5% since the 1900s, but i thought that this hegde fund guy was an idiot. actually come to think of it, maybe he was right. i never really looked at the rate of inflation. i just assumed 3%, but inflation i guess could have been 5% longer term right. someone fact check that dude.

also i saw a bit of bias in the episode. they mentioned that college educated blacks remain poor vs teheir whtie counterparts because they help their relatives who are stuggling. I lulz really hard. what a cop out answer. anyways i didnt like that it was all black vs white. WHAT ABOUT MY KABABAYANS! but i guess i understand why it is the main focus. considering teh disparity between blacks and whites are the most striking especially because they have been here far longer that other migrant groups hence they should have the least disparity. anyways all good stuff. thought provoking but i feel its full of shiet.

I thought the one on monogamy was underwhelming. Should I watch the next one before making a judgment?

when is debtflix gonna blow up?

Vox is garbage.


If you want something good on Netflix watch Oliver Stone’s Untold History of America.

So now watch AMO, with Derek Ramsey.

About your Kababayans :stuck_out_tongue: