Networking, how?

People in this industry have stressed over and over again how important networking is. I am a newbie, could gurus on this advise me how to network? Going to career fair, collecting name cards? Will they remember you afterwards?

First step should be changing your nickname, stupid.

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Give a try. Start by inviting everyone you’ve worked with directly and/or former classmates.

If you live in a major city, join a squash club. Plenty of people in finance play squash.

commstudent Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > If you live in a major city, join a squash club. > Plenty of people in finance play squash. I belong to the squash-of-the-month club. My favorite is butternut squash.

Go to all the CFA Society events.

Contacting Alumni from my University has been very helpful. My senior year and right after I graduated I went to the online directory and browsed by occupation and city. They usually had a title and company name in their profile as well. I would extract an email address, shoot them an email and say I’m a recent grade from such and such university and I am interested in learning more about this field. Most alumni have been very supportive and encouraging. Set up a phone call and ask a few intelligent questions about the business.

Stupid is not so dumb after all. This is a great question. Edmunds response is good. One of my strengths is an ability to consume large amounts of alcohol while others fall away at the bar stool. I use this strength to build relationships and commitments from other individuals at events such as CFA meetings. Bring along a few jokes as well as a diversified personality that depicts other interests as well. This makes you more interesting.

Well, I chose this nickname to lower people’s expectation of me, and then they would be surprised at my intelligence. Heh, heh…