networking while unemployed

I am an unemployed CFA Charterholder currently. There is a local CFA society event in a few days. I am wondering whether I should be carrying around my CV or business cards from past employment or create a new card which just has my name and contact details.

Any tips will be much appreciated.

New card. Using an old card is misleading and would raise all sorts of questions.

What geo said.

Try giving them your old card, let them ring your old office asking for you and see how that sits with them when they’re told you don’t even work there anymore :wink:

Agreed with the above - definitely go with a new card.

new card

mind if i ask did you quit your job, how are things going now? i may be on a similar boat.

He’s been waiting more than 2 years to answer that question. Give him a chance to collect his thoughts.



For others going forward…Going to a local CFA event is so fruitless. I feel 50% of the people there are BO or some kind of accounting role and desperate to move into FO. The other 30% are FO who love to milk their current job to these BO people and “explain” what their day to day is like blah blah blah when in reality they are merely a dime a dozen SS analyst…The remaining 20% are FO just stopping by because they have nothing better to do at 6pm on Thursday evening in NYC which is really hard to comprehend for me. I have been to a local meeting once and never again lol.

I think you should hit up your connections on linkedin or your school professors or school career center THEN go to a CFA society as a last resort or IF you really have free time and the meet is close by.

Front Office people generally have less interest in attending more networking events, as many of them go out regularly in the course of work. I’m already at the point where I leave the room whenever mentions Nobu.

I went to one CFA society function. #NeverAgain

I suggest you get a new card, but on the other hand there will likely be many other unemployed attendees at the local CFA society meetings so if you want to use your old card, you probably won’t be the only person utilizing that strategy.

I further suggest you bring a memorable souvenir along this line:

i met nobu in an elevator.

Why Nobu?

For some reason, Nobu is one of the most popular business dinner locations in NY. The thing is, I don’t think the food is very good there, so I don’t know why people keep going there. Just making DeNiro richer…

nobu been going down hill for a few years now. its now on the level of TAO. TAO might even be better value

My impression of Tao - too loud, bad taste in decorations, full of “promoters” and chicks they bring in, lots of old guys hitting on young girls, food is ok. It’s clearly targeting a different sort of customer.

Thank you ohai. Good to know :wink:

oh man i need to go to Tao when youre there. sounds different than when i show up.

is this the downtown location? btw their duck for 2 is amazing