Never finished, just out of time

A boss of mine started his career a long time ago as an auditor. He told me when working on an audit they used to say you’re never finished, just out of time. this sentiment especiallys holds true for CFA L2. 8 months and 450 hours later, anxiety and insecurity is natural given the difficulty of this exam, but don’t let that ruin your confidence. Most of us should be proud for the effort we put forth. I know personally I gave it my all and that’s something to be proud of. Stay calm and revert to your studies, and hope everything works out for the best. Wanted to wish everyone the best of luck on exam day.


Great analogy. So true! I studied too much, and too little. Out of time.

With this much material you will never ever feel like you’re completely prepared, at some point you have to write the exam and see what happens. Just trust that most people are going into the exam knowing alot less than you.

People say that AF members tend to be in the top half (at least) of test taking ability/seriousness/levels of dedication (call it what you will) when it comes to the CFA exams, and that they are not representative of the population as a whole.

I wonder just HOW skewed the data is regarding this - there seem to be some pretty able people on this forum - is that what I’m up against? Damn…

At the end of the day around 40% of people will pass…and although you are not competing directly against others - there is of course an element of that.

I wonder how AF members compare to the general CFA exam taking population as a whole…

I’d say if you’ve got 30+ posts on here, you’re 60% to pass at least.

Do you have an adequate and resonable basis for the conclusion?

It’s just a thought. Correlation between number of posts and commitment. I obviously don’t know whether it holds, we’re just chatting here.

4/6 average may be enough… get lucky on a few guesses and youre there!!

AF: Study together…

that’s right!

Just relax on exam day and feel confident about what you’ve studied.

Be sure that we will all exit the exam room feeling disoriented and hesitant.

I second the idea of relaxing and being confident, but don’t forget to stay sharpe… sharp. Good luck to everyone yes

And BagItTagIt , I think the “reasonable and adequate basis” comment by DataMonkey was an Ethics joke wink