Never lose your suitcase again

Cool concept. A suitcase that follows you.

Interesting idea. I wonder how much room is left in the suitcase sitting next to the battery pack and motor, and how much that all weighs.

I"m sure the electronics inside don’t look anything like a bomb on airport x-ray. It is pretty cool though. Maybe I’ll get one as pet instead of getting a dog.

Seems kinda dumb to me. As Clevar and Higgs, said, weight and room to pack as well as security would be a major hastle. Most airlines, especially international limit bag weight, so that’d be an issue in addition to the fact that it is soo small plus limited room assuming battery and motor. The video gives you no indication of how the bag would keep up in a crowded airport (every sprint between flights at ATL in rush hour?) and only shows it moving at a casual walking pace. If you travel a lot (enough to justify spending 4-600 on a suitcase), you travel fast and light, and frankly, if you’re packed appropriately (one carry on roller), you should almost not even notice the suitcase.

This is a cool product, but I derive a certain sense of security and confidence holding the handle of my suitcase, not unlike the holding the hand of an amazingly hot girl.

Holding a suitcase itself is just something I’ve gotten physically accustomed to doing. I would probably feel weird having a suitcase without handles. It reminds me of the time I had gone on a backpacking trip in Patagonia, and I was carrying around a 60-pound pack around the mountains, woods, you name it. When I went back to business school, I was constantly afraid I was forgetting things such as my laptop, water bottle, books, whenever I was going to class, and would stop in the middle of the street to make sure I hadn’t forgotten my stuff. It turns out that I had just completely acclimated to carrying my pack and wasn’t used to the relatively light weight of my normal bookbag.

One word: sherpa. I don’t care if it detracts from the authenticity of the travelling experience.