Never saw option 4 until the end

Was always on #1, anyone else is with me?


same thing

I had both links on Saturday and had all boxes checked inside the L3 registration link. I checked again Sunday afternoon and only had the Results link. I checked a few hours later and both links were gone.


compscikid, I’m not sure how this works, but you might have logged in after the profile was updated so you never saw the checked box. I was always on 1 as well, never having the ability to even check the profile to see a checked or unchecked box. From what I understand, you had to have a registration link to see that page (which i never had)? Is that correct?

My point was i never saw both results and registration dissapear. So therefore no option 4.

I think you had to by lucky to actually be online, on the site when it changed, otherwise you only saw the end results whether it be either ‘the results and registration’ or just ‘the results’ (which you saw)

Some people had 4 for quiet some time…, so anyone else never saw 4 until 5 pm or so sunday

yes, I had 4 around 2 pm or so.

Ok! I was not able to login Sunday morning through IE so I used Firefox and I was on status 1 until 5/6PM using firefox browser. When I entered through IE sometime then It was showing up 4. But, I logged out and checked back in then I was on status 1 again. So, I am assuming it was 1 all the day untill everybody was put in 4 by sometime around 6PM.

aha i see, i was using Firefox all the way

obelix, so you never got 4 on firefox?


comp_sci_kid Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > obelix, so you never got 4 on firefox? That’s correct.

1 firefox