Never say Never

Just wanted to Congratulate all those who passed this year and hard luck for those who didn’t. You will make it next time. Just wanted to share my experience with CFA. I started it as a 21 year old boy and finally crossed the final hurdle as a 28 year old man. Its been a long journey with long study hours, heartbreaks and what not. Here is how it went:

June 2007: Passed Level 1

June 2008: Failed Level 2

June 2009: Failed Level 2

June 2010: Failed Level 2

June 2011: Passed Level 2

June 2012: Failed Level 3

June 2013: Passed Level 3!!!

Never Say Never!

Congrats!!! While family, friends, co-workers can be nice about congratulating, etc. I think only people that have a similar story truly understand the feeling after seeing “Congrats” on that email.

you are one tough man. good job.

damn son, you are a trooper.

2007 June - Failed Level I

2007 Dec - Passed Level I

2008 June - Failed Level II

2009 June - Passed Level II

2010 June - Failed Level III

3 year break

2013 June - Passed Level III

I had to take all levels twice. Hats off to all folks who passed in 3 in 3 while working full-time and family.

Ahmen brother,

I’m a humanities fucktard with no math skills and here I am too. On top of the world! CFA if I can do it, so can any English major from a prestigiuous US university.

Another English major here Righteous. Still have to clear level 3 though.

I’ve blazed the path! (Actually others did before me - Bromion for example)

Level 3 is an English majors wet dream compared to level 3. It’s likes writing an essay on Tony Morrison. Just say exactly what the professors want to hear, “White people oppress black people. Black men oppress black women. Black women are beautiful. You go girl!”

1999 - Passed Level I

2000 - Failed Level II

11 years to regroup

2012 - Passed Level II

2013 - Passed Level III

2006 - Passed Level I

2007 - Failed Level II

2008 - Passed Level II

2009 - Failed Level III

2010 - Failed Level III

3-year break

2013 - Passed Level III

2010 Passed level 1

2011 Passed Level 2

2012 Failed level 3

2013 Failed Level 3…

2014 … Im going to smash the hell out of level 3 … I said the same thing last year when I failed but I didnt know that a three-year relationship would end right before engagement AND my father would spend 2 months at the hospital … I hope all go fine this year so I can finally pass this thing… it’s frustrating…

I think I will get the most satisfaction from being done with this program.

June 2008 - Failed Level 1

December 2008 - Failed Level 1

June 2009 - Failed Level 1 (Band 9…studied 100 hours, first time I really tried to study at all)

December 2009 - Passed Level 1 (first time using flash cards to study)

June 2010 - Failed Level 2 (Band 7)

June 2011 - Failed Level 2 (Band 9)

June 2012 - Failed Level 2 (Band 9)

June 2013 - Passed with six sections above 70%, and one below 50% (first time studying with actual CFA material instead of just Schweser)

June 2014 - who knows, but I am using flashcards, CFA materials, Schweser and am starting very early.

It takes a lot to regroup after a failures, let alone after few failures. I failed Level 3 once and didn’t think I would retake if I failed twice. Thanks God, I didn’t have to. Hats off to perseverent people

Kudos to everyone who kept at it even after the disappointment for failutre - that isn’t easy to do.

@Bilal, best of luck next year man. You’re definitely going to crush it!

What’s up with all the 3 year breaks lol. Maybe I shouldn’t test until 2016!

December 2004 - passed L1

June 2005 - failed L2

June 2006 - failed L2

June 2007 - failed L2

2008/2009 - 2 year break from program

2010 - passed L2

2011 - failed L3 (band 3)

2012 - failed L3 (band 7)

2013 - passed L3

SO TRUE!!! >_

people who don’t have the experience can’t even comprehend the blood sweat and tears! so it means 100x more when a CFA candidate or charterholder congratulates me when i passed!

This is so encouraging!!

and others who have taken 2-3 years break in between.

So many candidates feel obligated to continue when they fail, and anyone tells them otherwise is “discouraging” and try to “weed out the competition” or a straight up “bitch” (>_

but it’s good to know people who have paused for 11 years and still come back with a bang!


June 2009 - Failed Level I (Band 7)

December 2009 - Passed Level I (barely)

March 2010 - Passed CAIA I

June 2010 - Failed Level II (Band 4) - barely cracked a book

September 2010 - Failed CAIA Level II (severely depressed at this point)

March 2011 - Passed CAIA II

June 2011 - Failed CFA II (Band 8) - too tired from CAIA, should have passed

June 2012 - Failed CFA II (Band 6) - just a flat out difficult test

June 2013 - PASS CFA II - crushed it actually Corp. Fin, Derivs. FRA, Equity all above 70

June 2014 - Pass CFA III ? We’ll see

Basically every year I’ve seen an army of kids lining up to take this test. I know that if I didn’t pass one of the little mf’ers would be a step away from my job. I started this journey when I was 26, now I’m 30, and I’ve only got one more to go. Congrats to everyone who has stuck around this long.

dec 2003 passed I

june 2004 passed II

june 2005 failed III

8 year break ( 2 kids and running own business)

june 2013 failed III band 4( still not sure what band 4 means)

june 2014? ( will give it a run primarily focusing on mocks and eoc questions)

since I already have read all material and broken down into my own notes, I think the thing I was missing was a good strategy for the essay portion. I really bombed it. PM session was solid though.

anyone else want to give CFA institute a giant middle finger today besides me?