New additions to no short list

Anyone see this garbage?? IBM??? WTF??? MHS Medco Health Solutions, Inc. ABR Arbor Realty Trust, Inc. DDR Developers Diversified Realty Corporation HRB H&R Block, Inc. IBM International Business Machines Corporation MFA MFA Mortgage Investments, Inc ASI American Safety Insurance Holdings, Ltd. LFG Landamerica Financial Group Inc. PHH PHH Corporation BAP Credicorp, Ltd. LXP Lexington Realty Trust BEE Strategic Hotels & Resorts, Inc.

blue got a nice pop in pre, tho

But they are a sound company…strong BS…why would they be on here??? Protect the DOW?? I may be hitting the puts hard for their next ER… Slumping international sales, stronger dollar…should be a pooper either this ER or the next

Remember that Garth Brooks song “I got friends in low places”? This is just like that, only the exact opposite.

This is getting out of hand. How about we ban all short sales and sell orders? You can only take long positions… that will bring the market back… f&^K heads.

Can someone provide me the link to the list of companies that Nasdaq added to the short selling ban? Thanks

I just found a list of tickers. My company made the new list. Yippee.

BEE Strategic Hotels & Resorts, Inc. ??? Now that one makes me shake my head.

Where did you find a list???