New and modified topics for level 2

Does anyone have a complete list of what change since last year? I know so far that new material like inventory and long-lived asset have been added. Is there anything else?

Thanks for posting.

Interesting…I’ve been working off my 2010 books…I almost want to say that they’ve made a lot of it easier…

Not too many changes there, and the changes that they did make are mostly only a matter of wording, although they did add that extra chapter on divideds that wasnt there last year. Any other topics that you guys spotted which had sig changes??

They ported over some of the LIFO/FIFO inventory stuff from Level I. Same with capital/operating leases. I attended an accounting workshop and our instructor warned us that the CFAI was about to add some serious fat to the FRA section, as if it couldn’t get worse. For the life of me I can’t remember what it was, but it sounded terrible.