New business op

So F it… I’m gonna quit. I cant be arsed with all this BS everyday. I’m gonna start a new business. It will focus exclusively on rotisserie flame grilled chicken… i need to get myself a rotisserie a reliable source of good poultry, some fuel and some good hot sauce…

Anyone else got something near them that resembles the above that I could just copy and take?..


Someone here tried to start a crab rangoon business a while ago. I wonder what happened to that guy.

There’s a chicken joint in Elizabeth, NJ that will probably be available at a good price pretty soon. The current owners have some legal difficulties.

That was my idea that someone stole. I assume they’re not around anymore because bringing crab rangoon west of the Rockies was indeed one of the most brilliant ideas of the post-industrial era.

stay away from the chicken


I make great salsa.

Let’s talk.

Hamburger delivery business.