New cancellation, prep strategy for May-'21

So my location got on the cancelled list with today’s update. Still digesting all the disappointment after the 2nd cancellation… But trying to stay positive and put together a plan going forward. I was wondering what are your strategies for preparation for exam in May-2021? Are looking to re-read the whole thing again? Or perhaps just read own summaries and keep solving Qbanks, mocks? Perhaps add videos instead of reading the material again? Anything else?

Thanks a lot for your ideas and stay strong those who got their locations cancelled as well!

Sharing you bad news, I thought I would be more pissed finding this out, maybe I’m still in shell shock :grin:

I might make some sick notes like my own cheat sheet for pre exam review. Going to get ■■■■ hot at fixed income and PW as my weakest areas.
Mocks, Qbank on repeat I guess…

On second thought if this was a trade I’d be cutting my losses… This sucks. Not happy…