New CFA Candidate - L2 June 2014

Hi Guys,

Just signed up for Level 1 exam in Dec 2013 and will start studying next week. (Assuming I pass) I would be keen to at least attempt level 2 in June 2014 (as should be on a Sat will be Jun 7th – so an extra week)

So does this make sense?

Dec 7th 2013 – Take Level 1 (Only using CFA Books)

w/c Dec 9th 2013 – Start studying L2 from Schweser notes

End of Jan 2014 – (Hopefully) Passed Level 1 and register for Level 2. Wait for CFA L2 books to arrive.

Feb 1st 2014 – Start using CFA books (some concepts should hopefully be quicker to learn due to earlier use of Schweser)

Jun 2014 – Take Level 2 and pray lol

Am aware Level 2 is meant to be the hardest but hoping there is some logic amongst this madness lol Worst that can happen is I fail and re-take in June 2015 with some L2 exam experience…

Sure the thought process sounds fine, exactly what I’m doing now.

TLDR version: Can I take Level 2 only six months after taking Level 1?

This has been heavily discussed. The short answer is: yes, you can, but only if you are a strong candidate and it’s generally not recommended.

Can be done easily. U will not need more than 2 months for Level 2.