New CFA Logo

Yet the President of the Institute is making close to 7 figures. They’re obviously not spending anything on their website.

^Yeah right. The sad thing is they’re probably spending a sh!t load on website design, and this is what they came up with. It seems like they are totally revamping the website every 12 months. I bet there was a $5 million study that went into determining what “feelings” people associate with that new logo.

This is what happens when an organization has massive cash flow with no owners to pass it on to. You end up with some 7 figure executives, a few lame (and pointless) commercials, and a new website/logo every year or so.

eat a d!ck goof

From where I come from, it looks like a colorful ‘sepak takraw’ ball

thanks for the heads up on the logo

looks like it was lifted from the Greendale Community College logo.

I think the logo represents three chicks rubbing their *areas* together. Maybe it’s a sign of gender unity, saying that Finance shouldn’t be dominated by men.

I fully support it. Go girls!

It does loook like the all seeing eye of the Grand Architect of the Universe.

I still think it looks like Dollars, Yen, and Euros in the process of getting flushed down a toilet.

the person that created this logo must have been on mushrooms. I hear you begin to see illusions of swirling colors before your eyes… which has a striking similarity to this logo.

CFAI should stick to finance and stay away from marketing.

According to CFAI:

“The new logo symbolizes the collective identity of our global community of investment professionals centered around a core of ethical best practice. We are updating our brand to better highlight our identity as a dynamic and growing global organization committed to actively building fair and effective financial markets.”

^ Now I get it. Someone highly ranked in the CFAI just got an early 20s girlfriend or mistress who majored in Marketing and she came up with this stuff. This is the classic young-babe-I’m-banging mistake, where you involve her more than you should.

It’s a sailboat dumbass

CFAI seriously needs to have competitive elections. I’m tired of all the dumbass decisions that get made without any real input from the member-base. Seriously, how do we go about voting these people out of their positions?

I’m tired of them wasting our dues on this sh!t when their main focus should be maintaining and improving the PRESTIGE of this designation. Stupid ideas like this cheap-guy logo do the opposite.

I just don’t understand why the Institute would waste time and resources towards a new logo.

CFAI has made some weird decisions I don’t agree with. But so far, on the prestige part, they’ve given a ton of people the impression that the CFA charter is such a high designation that passing a few tests will land you a great job. They’ve convinced tons of people with 0 finance backgronds to sign up in hordes, registering for the exams these days, all thinking a magical door with a job is waiting for them at the end of L1 or 2, or 3.

And all this is happening at a time where companies are firing people left and right, govt is cracking down on finance with more regs, profits are down and shrinking, and job openings keep declining, and # of applications keep soaring. Nearly everyone is doing the CFA program these days

if you read further down on the page the CFAI adds: “The new logo visually depicts the kaleidoscope effect of the changing factors in financial markets. Modern financial analysis requires a deep knowledge and passion for seeing the constant and changing colors in the markets. While the edges of new information and technology may be rough, the center of the kaleidoscope and center of the financial markets is always constant and circular.” WTH is the kaleidoscope effect?! lol I never read that in the CFAI CBOK

So Fkin lame! They need to send all Charterholders and candidates a survey to pick a logo!