New CFA Logo

Anyone else notice this? If you go on the site you can see the new logo:

Didn’t see any info on what it’s supposed to represent. Seems stylish but arbitrary to me.

It is three different people doing goatse on one guy.

Edit: Err… I assumed everyone knows what that is. If not, don’t look it up.

There was another thread where I said it looked like a varied set of currencies getting flushed down a toilet.

I hate it, it makes the designation that I worked so hard for (and continue to) look cheap and unsophisticated. I prefered the earlier website design, layout and logo.

^as a socialist you have no grounds to question the group’s decision. the people who made the decision did it for the good of everyone. they made the decision with the best interest of the group in mind so by definition it was a good decision. the fact that you may or may not being working really hard is irrelevent. your hard work is only good insofar as it benefits everyone in the group. now shut up and keep working. it’s your duty for the glory of the group.

^ Agreed. This site looks crappy and the logo looks like something from a community college. What does it even mean?

As a free marketer, they can do whatever they want with their logo. And society is better off for them having done so. In fact, the less they think about you, the better off you are. Capiche?

I agree, Comrade Turd

Bchad you ignorant slut. you really think they can do whatever they want with their logo? i suppose they can charge whatever the “feel like” charging also.

You don’t have to pay it. But yes, they can charge whatever they want. Don’t you know this stuff?

Also, I think you need to look up the definition of slut.

i love the new logo… it demonstrates the unity between all the interconnected parts of finance coming together in the efficiency of a circular prism that is investment manangement. this is adding great value the the CFAI and im willing to pay a higher membership due in light of this superior marketing tool.

maybe the new logo is designed to lower the pass rate and reduce the charter dilution. bec people who have seen it will be less inclined to study more because who wants a designation where the logo is ugly as heck?

it has an illuminati/ free mason feel to it…

I personally love it and think it is emblematic of the entire finance culture that we all know and love. It does look like a variety of currencies all swirling toward the same general direction or purpose. And that’s what’s so majestic about finance. You take you some money, put it in a pot, swirl it around a bit, and hope it doesn’t go down the toilet. It’s gotta seem catchy like that CFA logo, all that money shuffling, or people don’t want to give you their money. But you know, at the end of the day, it really is just shuffling – we create little value for society, sort of like the CFAI and their catchy new logo. Finance and that logo were made for each other.

No it doesn’t, you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re crazy and no one should listen to you, and you molest farm animals. You will be receiving a very important package in the next several minutes, so please do not move from the exact spot where you are currently sitting. If you do move, please be sure to bring your mobile phone with you and don’t remove the battery or place it in lead lined pouch or anything like that. Thank you.

i stared at the center of the logo for 15 seconds and it all made sense

This logo looks like sh!t. The whole website has the look and feel of one of those empty domain portals that you land on if you type a web address wrong.

Which website looks better:

I’d say they’re about even.


I feel like I can’t trust the CFAi to make any decisions regarding the future or the organization. Everytime something new is going on it feels like they just sh*t the bed again.

That’s uglier than the caia website. Wow. Even uglier than garp.

Did they pay some teenager a million dollars to word press that? Or is it Joomla?

It’s horrible. Has that “Devry…we’re serious about your success” kinda feel to it.