New CFAI Sample and Mock Exams for Level II

I was surfing CFA stuff as a lame way to put off studying and came across a couple of tidbits that were new (to me at least) on the CFAI website. Firstly, all registered candidates (at each level actually) get to take one sample exam free. For Level II this is a 30 question test with immediate feedback, with two additional sample exams available for $40 each. The sample exams are meant to be taken early in the preparation process and so are available to all of us in just a few days (March 3). The CFAI is also now offering “Mock” exams – longer, more detailed simulations of the “real” thing available in early May. $60 for a 60 question exam – or buy two for a full simulation of exam day for only $100. I like it. An overview can be found here: Apologies if this is a re-post, but I’ve never seen or heard about this. Now… back to studying.

Do you know if they will be given in the same online format? By that I mean how we won’t be able to review the questions and answers unless we do that print screen or whatever.

They’ll probably do it as they did it last year. They want the $$$.

It’s stupid that we cannot review the questions, but I understand how they don’t want us to pass around the exams. I am sure there is some simple way of preventing that.

I must confess that I have not surfed the CFAI site in a while (i figured that I get enough of CFA stuff through the curriculum) … so this is very helpful Question I have is what would the value of offering a sample test so early be (March 3). Clearly most of us have not gone through the first read of the entire material (this is where repeats have a competitive advantage), but perhaps I’m missing something here.

I generally agree, but some people are willing to pay to have their fears assuaged or confirmed early on. I’m glad this was helpful news. I’ll definitely be taking a few, but not for a couple of months at least.

I don’t know that it will be true at Level II, but I felt like the Level I sample exams from CFAI were pretty close to the actual difficulty of the exam. And I like the idea of having two full length exams, for the sake of timing. Sure beats having to take 5 50-question samples for $250 last year.