New Charterholder looking for other MD, PhD, CFA

I am a new charterholder with both an MD and PhD degree and a passion for health care investing. Do you know anyone else with these credentials, who I could speak with? I believe that I may be the only one, but I would be interested in meeting others.

yes, you are the only CFA MD PHD

Check LinkedIn

Your credentials guarantee superior performance.

They also tell me that you have no life and no job.

It could imply this, but not necessarily (Dual degrees for MD/MBA or MD/PhD don’t take as long as individual degrees). I’m not trying to be a troll, but I did read your post about your commitment to the CFA program. You did relay to candidates that you had no life due to the sacrifices you made for your goal (not bashing, just recalling). So, as long as you are not denying this situation, we can avoid any accusations of hypocrisy…

^Not denying it, but I’m not sure how PhD and CFA and MD have any real synergy. And the effort to get PhD and MD are probably waaaay beyond what it takes to get CFA.

And I have never heard of a dual MD/MBA degree, or a dual MD/PhD.

MD/PhD would likely be a medical doctor that has done some additional academic research. I doubt the two degrees are in separate fields. Just an MD that did some research. The synergy is then working as an expert analyst covering biotech or healthcare, where they’d be very highly values/sought after.

^I though about that, but you don’t need to get an MD and a PhD to be able to research biotech or healthcare. Just a Bachelor’s and some exposure to the industry will do.

Sure. But the job market today is pretty much top guy gets the one job and everyone else can hacksaw. I doubt someone became an MD to become an analyst, it may have just happened as their life unfolded. I have a friend who is a pathologist and has done some work with pharma on the business side. She’d probably do quite well as an analyst, and if the right firm offered her a big salary, I think it’d be considered. I can definitely see how this can happen. Its like Itera’s refrain, you can make $350k/year as an MD, but you’ll never make the $1mm+ that he makes unless you’re a Wall Street BSD.

MD/PhD degrees still require coursework for a PhD program (it isn’t uncommon that the GRE is needed in addition to the MCAT to get admitted to a MD/PhD program), and the required research. It takes about 7 years for the dual program, which is shorter than acheiving both individually (strictly discussing time to compelte degrees).

So, there is more than just research behind the PhD for the MD/PhD holder. Many MDs have done research and are published in reputable journals. In fact, getting published as a medical student is helpful for obtaining a good residency spot. However, since these candidates are not pursuing a PhD also, they won’t recieve it “just for some additional research”.

I would definitely agree with your idea about the synergistic value working in biotech or healthcare. Having expert knowledge and experience in developing drugs or treatments, for example, would be very valuable. I also agree that is isn’t likely for the MD holder to have a PhD in accounting, for example.

To GM: My guess is he probably changed his life direction… something along the lines of wanting to practice medicine and or research, then decided he wanted to switch up his lifestyle and pursue something in finance.

They also have MD/JD degrees and I think a few others, depending on the school.

Yeah I have seen MBA/MD and JD/MBA dual degrees. Both seem great.

^ You’ve been called out in the Water Cooler in the Hacksaw College thread.