New Credit analyst seeking career advice/wisdom

I recently started as a credit analyst in a large institutional fund on the Senior & Mezzanine Loan side. So far I like my job, my coworkers are great folks and I’m learning a lot, plus the hours don’t kill me like IBanking. I was wondering if anybody on this forum has done credit before, and whether they can provide a few nuggets of career advice for me.

I mean, the investing field is so board with some many possible things to do! Working hard is easy, but finding direction is hard, and that’s why I’m here o-wise ones!

My preferences:

  1. Medium stress job, 8-6 work hours, no weekends, not often anyway. (Seems like I should stay where I am?)

  2. Salary doesn’t have to be high, 6 digits in my 30s would be nice.

  3. I like to talk and communicate, but being a car-salesman isn’t very fun (no offense to anybody). Is there a job where I can combine the CFA expertise with a talking role?

  4. China. I can speak & read Mandarin fluently. Can I leverage that with #3 into something interesting?

Thanks in advance : )