New "darker background" theme is now available

The many requests for a “not-so-bright” background have not gone unheard, so there is now an option you can select in your Account preferences to switch to a new “darker background” theme, which changes the primary background color to a medium gray instead of white.

To switch your account to use the new darker background, click on the “My account” link at the top right of the page and click on the “Edit” link. On the following page, locate the “Theme Configuration” setting, and select “AnalystForum Dark”. After you’ve selected the theme, save your profile settings and the change should take effect immediately. This is a per-user setting, so you must be logged into your account for your preferred background color to be in effect.


I only have “don’t switch the theme” as an option

I don’t either.

Ditto. And another thing, the formatting is screwed up . People’s credentials, next to their avatars, are all dorked up.

On a positive note, thanks for removing the language filter. I can now finally express myself like a mature adult. Poop.

Hm strange, for some reason the new theme option keeps getting disabled in the system. I’ve re-enabled it now, and will look into what may be causing that. Thanks for letting me know.

I still do not see it in my profile, fyi.

working for me now. I like the darker theme better.

I have Black Swan’s problem. Can someone make a theme that restores the old look/feel of the site and upload that?

Having the same problem…^^^

Having the same problem…^^^

Didn’t find the “switch theme” option on my profile. Is it disabled again?

It should still be there. Here are the steps: - Go to My account at the top of the page - Click Edit - Click on Theme Configuration - Select AnalystForum Dark - Save your changes

I did the change but the background has not changed.

There have been some unusual issues with the feature seeming to toggle itself off, however I believe it should be working now. I just tested setting my own account to use it, as well as a regular user account I created for testing the site with the same permissions/settings as everyone else has… in both cases the option shows up in my account and takes effect instantly when I save my account settings. Note that if you have a screen with resolution of 1024x768 or lower (e.g. old laptops, older small LCD screens, etc), you may not see much or any difference, since the background change affects the area outside of those dimensions. The site’s “main body” is about 1000px wide, and the background color of that area is and will continue to be white. With the dark theme option enabled, everything outside of those 1000px will be gray. Anyone with a more recent screen will likely see gray along the sides of the pages (those with larger or wider screens may see as much as several inches of gray on both sides). Hopefully this clarification helps.

That must explain it. I bought my samsung screen back in 2004.

much better/darker

Eerm how does one change one’s user name around here? I think my current user name does not reflect where I come from and what I stand for (yeah I know I chose this name myself, but I want to change it). I was thinking of an African name, because that’s who I am.

As long as we’re off-topic, let’s make GIFs available for use as avatars.

Looks good!