New ethics book

Do I need the new ethics book? I took the first exam in summer 2006. The book is a yellow /white cover. (I don’t have it near me so I don’t know the edition.) I have the Schweser review books and the old ethics book. Can I just use the Schweser review book? Is it detrimental to study from the old Ethics book? I think my chances of passing are slim as I don’t have much time to study even the material I have so I don’t have much of a desire to purchase another book.

Starting June 2008 all the CFAI exam materials are included in your exam registration fee. The Ethics section is free and you can download it from the CFA web page at:

I’m taking the exam June 2008… Also, I think the ethics book is sold seperately.

No, as map 1 already wrote, it is included in the curriculum.