New Evidence in Oakland Shooting

Curious to see what fellow AF Antigun control/pro-gun control fellows think of this piece.

So apparently the weapon of the victim seems to be visible during before the shooting.As someone who has been in the U.S for less than three years and somewhat introverted I would like to see what y’all think of this piece.

I’m actually fairly pro gun control. My take on this video and the recent backlash against police shootings is that I mostly side with the police. BLM and other movements have some valid points, but for the most part the cases they protest about center around: 1) someone who is committing or recently committed a crime; 2) typically resists police orders; 3) then often gets in some violent altercation with the police; 4) gets shot and killed in the process because of a high intensity situation and still refusing to follow police orders; and 5) we find out this someone was “unarmed” and then massive protests ensue against the police.

As such, it’s really hard for me to have a lot of sympathy for those shot and support the BLM and other movements’ causes.

Don’t do crime or mess with the popo… You don’t deserve to get hit by a car if you jaywalk without looking, but that doesn’t mean it’s not your fault.

They haven’t proven who’s gun it was yet and its unclear whether he shot in self defense from being attacked by the other guy. Disclaimer aside, in these situations people need to use common sense and listen to the police when weapons are involved. These situations move quickly and the officer will have to make fast decisions so if you ignore the instructions you’re just rolling the dice.

On an semi-related note, in the process of upgrading my home defense situation with a 390 Shockwave.

I am really curious to see what Turd and Birdman have to say about this. I learn so much from their debates.

SPX is my go to :+1:. I’ve seen the 590 shocker, what’s the 390?

You’re right, meant 590, typo. Was looking around trying to figure out what 390 you were referring to then saw I typed that.


but they have a point. people generally treat black people very differently. the only difference is cops have guns so differently is a perfect euphemism to keep using.

everyone is a lil racist. the fact that sumone denies it is fun to watch.

You’re right, they do get treated differently. Growing up in a predominantly black city, I know very well why it happens. If you want, I’m open to a discussion about this in private.

You say everyone is a little racist. That’s not true. It’s a fallacy to say that 100% of the world’s population is a little bit racist. Many people see color but don’t don’t discriminate based on skin color. I think the issue we have today is due to cultural differences. We don’t understand each other’s cultures and that causes unnecessary issues in society. For example, white people get upset when black people have black only schools, or black only graduation ceremonies. This makes white people think that we did to end segregation was for nothing. However, when you think about it regarding heritage, it’s not so bad. It’s more of “I’m proud of being of African descent” and not “I’m black, so I’m better than you.” Would you have an issue of there being a school for only your heritage? Labeling things “black” and “white” only misleads our mind into think about racism because we’re ignorant of other cultures.

What did birdman want to say? :open_mouth: I bet he found a flaw in someone’s argument but then decided to refrain from saying whatever needed to be said.

The gun debate is very interesting for me. I lived all my life in countries with strict gun control laws and something surprising about the U.S is you can buy guns pretty easily and yet there seems to be a somewhat homogenous order in the country.

I don’t disagree and that’s what I was alluding to when I said “BLM and others have some valid points.” My issue is that most of the cases BLM, et. al. chose to protest about aren’t very convincing to support their narrative. Ohai frankly has the best analogy I’ve seen on this topic (I’m going to borrow it).

BLM should stick to what they’re good at:

Real talk though, they pick the worst people to hold up as their martyrs. If they’d made eric garner their centerpiece and did a lot less annoying shit they’d have a lot more credibility. But they chose to go the whole malcolm x route. Sad.

It’s surprising to hear that from you.

What surprised you, scb? I just find blm to be a nuisance and not a serious movement. They’re not a group that it’s easy to be sympathetic to at all if you look at their actions and the sort of speech they promote.

On an unrelated note, I approve of this particular movement, which I also find to be not a serious movement, because it’s hilarious and only offensive to those who really will get triggered by anything that smells slightly un PC.'s_OK_to_be_white

I regarded you as a super leftist liberal type. Maybe I am just not spending time here and memory does not serve me right.

Negative, I’m a conservative and a Romney fan. BLM are just as bad as the cw types on the right. BLM appeals to a lot of the worst race baiting crap out there that goes alongside al sharpton and his ilk, and which has just been so negative for black american culture over the past 5 or so decades. If you’re curious, this is the narrative I find more compelling:

Ohh that is intense.

Why does it happen?

I wouldn’t say racist but everyone judges by stereotypes for sure. I don’t think the BLM movement is about “heritage” at all, especially not when the martyrs are thugs who have probably drawn weapons on the cops first. Not to mention the rap music about hoes, criminals, and drugs. Of course police are going to be on edge when dealing with blacks, which causes blacks to hate the police. It’s a vicious cycle.