New for 2019/obscure topics

Hey all,

Considering that there are a few new readings this year - Fintech in investment managment (CH 6 and part of CH 8) and Analysis of Financial Institutions (CH 17), how likely do you guys think it is that these topics are tested? The fintech stuff (Machine learnings, decision trees, layers of nodes, etc) is not difficult content, but a bit tedious to cram in all of the fine details and key terms. The analysis of financial institutions is a much more substantive (65 pages) chunk of the curriculum and was the focus of a full item set on one of the CFAI mocks, however.

To be clear, I have studied the entire curriculum…I am just wondering how much of a focus should be spent on these (mostly) qualitative readings that rarely come up during practice exams from CFAI, Schweser and in EOCs.


I find the Fintech topics you mentioned to be mostly definition-based. So a question shows up on those, I want those to potentially be easy points on the exam. I’m thinking at the very least we need to be very comfortable distinguishing between supervised/unsupervised/deep learning, what they are used for, overfitting/undercutting, curation, etc.

if you haven’t spent a lot of time on the topic, I think that is more than OK, just maybe read the glossary of those definitions and understand them in the last few days before the exam and maybe glance at them right beforehand as well. Just my opinion.

Sorry to ask but does anyone have/know where I can get some condesed notes for this??! I haven’t reviewed it and the CFA notes are too long at this stage…


You’re asking Level 3 candidates whether new topics came up in the previous year(s)…surely that’s a blatant violation of Ethics.