New Headquarters for AMZN

Any thoughts as to where they’ll end up? I’m thinking Pittsburgh as it’s close to major distribution centers in PA and has the requisite infrastructure and talent pool.

Pittsburgh does not sound like a name that has a talent pool for anything

I’m thinking Washington, DC or Boston

Carnegie Mellon is one of the top ranked IT schools in the world.

For comp sci, Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh is very strong (probably just behind MIT and Stanford).

Where AMZN ends up will depend on the incentives provided by the municipality, into which I have no insight.

Boston has the colleges for sure, but it’s expensive. Bezos has a home in DC (I think the most expensive one actually) and he owns the Post so it’s possible.


It’s gonna be Boston. Marrrrrdddy gonna make him an offer he cant refuse.

I know, isnt that city at the forefront of self driving car research?

It just sounds like a no mark derelict town with nothing going on. Dyu know what i mean?

Theyve got to change that name. Give it a bit more oomph

How far is pittsburgh to ny or nj driving? ?

Far, six of seven hours. Plus, it’s airport isn’t as good as DC or Boston.

I’d say somewhere in Philadelphia is the best candidate location on the East Coast. NY and Boston are far too expensive - Amazon probably wants to pay $100k a person in salary, and that won’t go far in either of those costly cities. Cultural issues would prevent Amazon from considering other East Coast cities like Atlanta or Charlotte.

Otherwise, they could go to Denver, Austin… maybe Chicago. However, these places are quite far from other major population areas and people would need to move there specially for Amazon, and not because they work in similar capacities in nearby locations.

i like how almost every major US article only discusses US cities. Amazon announced they are searching for a new NORTH American headquarters. clearly they are seriously considering Toronto and Vancouver if they are getting those two cities to make bids. in fact, it singles them out as top contenders as they could’ve easily said they are searching for a new US headquarters but by saying NORTH American headquarters, they must be seriously considering these cities.

also, as if Pittsburgh has a talent pool that is a tenth of what the Toronto-KW corridor pumps out every year. University of Waterloo grads are clearly the most sought after in the world if UW is a top 3 school for large silicon valley companies, it is infinity miles away and getting UW grads requires more effort and cost. Facebook hires more UW grads than Stanford grads and UW is 2600 miles away, Stanford is 2600 inches away.

there’s no better way to beat other tech companies than set up shop in Toronto or KW and basically gobble up all of the world’s top tech talent. plus, commercial real estate is way cheaper than all major US cities and there is plenty of room for the HQ size they require. i’d be very surprised if Toronto-KW is not selected. in my mind it is Boston, New York or Toronto. no reason to be anywhere else.

Canada, lol!

And wtf is uni of waterloo?

100 k doesnt go far in boston?

Some dude i know swore you could pick up a sweet 3br duplex for 400k not too far from the city.

That shit would be 1.5 m minimum in sydney

Toronto is a decent option, but Vancouver? Really? The last I checked, Vancouver was only about 150 miles from Seattle, where, well you know, Amazon already has a headquarters.

Matt’s homerism is coming thru lol

yeah. toronto is a much more likely option. i just threw vancouver out there. if vancouver is laughable in AMZN’s opinion than it using wording of “north american” is like a tractor beam on toronto.

Philly isn’t very business friendly.

They will probably go somewhere in the east. The North has tons of talent, but the cost of living is too high, and the south has ton of room to build, and a very low cost of living. You could pay someone $100k and they would live like a king in the south.

I’m hoping they come to Tennessee… The cost of living is very low in TN. They could go to Memphis for the transportation benefits, low cost of living, tax incentives (go figure why Fedex, International Paper, Holiday Inn, Autozone, and Mitsubishi are headquartered/were headquartered there) and the spaciousness. They could get away with paying people $85K and save $15K by not having to pay $100K. However, Memphis doesn’t have a large talent pool as many of the cities in the north. Nashville would be good too as it has better talent. Other good options would be Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas.