New Horizons reaches Pluto

So they did it. After 9 years they maneuvered the unmanned New Horizons vessel past Pluto and made history. Kind of puts yourself and your work into perspective.

Pics or it didn’t happen!

That’s crazy. I’m finally watching Interstellar now so it’s doubly trippy.

NASA spent all that money on tis dumb picture. smh

Well, in 12 hours or so, we’ll have proof…

I just love how they imagined Pluto to be this dark gloomy planet out there in the cold of space and let people decide to name surface features after underworld places and beings ( and the first thing they see up close is a giant heart the size of Missouri. At least the Valentine’s Day industry has found another mascot.

Hey, even evil nemeses have feelings.

Hitler had Eva Braun, Dr. Evil had Frau Farbissina, and Pol Pot had a kettle named Black.

More seriously, I was surprised to learn that it’s still fairly light on Pluto. I figured Pluto would be bathed in eternal night, with perhaps an extra bright star in the sky sometimes.

In fact, noon on Pluto is about as bright as the Earth about 1/2 hour after sunset. Brighter than an earth night with a full moon shining. That’s impressive for something so far away.

Of course whatever atmosphere Pluto has has got to be extremely thin, so there isn’t going to be a lot of light scattering to give the sky a color like on Earth or Mars. Most likely it would look like the moon: the ground is lit, but the horizon is still dark except for where the sun is.

It would have been meaningful if Pluto were still a planet.

Alas . . . .

I’m pretty sure “New Horizons” is the name of a day care center I’ve seen somewhere.

Also, I think we were promised green space women by 2015. What happened to that?

^ You might be thinking of Bright Horizons, although probably some independent day cares called New Horizons.

Both sound hacksaw.