New HOV: Magna Carta Holy Grail

Ish sounds illy:

It’s going to be nuts.

I want a Picasso. In my casa. In my castle.

Also, couple good drake tracks out.

J Cole, Born Sinner Album is solid.

She Knows

Let Nas Down

^Agreed but I’ve already played out his songs to much. I heard “Pray” - Jcole/Game and that has some decent lines. I’ve been on a Hell Rell list lately, going old school.

Oh damn one of my boys just shipped this to me this morning - damn - I like how Drizzy flowed on this one:

There other hot Drake tracks?

JCole’s been on a hot streak.

jodeci ft j cole

and the one you mentioned, there a couple other eh eh, so so, not my style stuff… a little “the weekend” r and b…

For all the latest…

couple highlights





Good stuff - got me motivated for the day. I can’t get this line out of my head:

“Don’t let the college shit fool y’all ns. Ain’t the hardest n in the land. But a grown ass man, and I will step to y’all ns”


I see straight through em like fish tanks with no fish in em

some more stuff to watch out for:

and some more stuff to look forward to:

joey bada$$

tony yayo

and obvi the early release of MCHG on my samsung s3

CFAvsMBA, you strike me as a wutang guy, you may like joey bada$$… reliable site with streaming linked below