New job & family - Best approach for Level II

Looking for input… I passed L1 prior to the pandemic. Between cancellations and the pandemic, I haven’t taken L2 yet. Looking at August or November 2022. Given a new job with a learning curve and family life I am leaning toward November. Has anyone taken a longer study approach, perhaps 6 or 7 months of reading and note taking (not as intense as the approach I took in L1, where I did everything over 5 months), and then 1-2 months of more intense revision, Qbank, mock exams?

Just trying to make L2 a possibility given a lot going on. Any feedback is appreciated.

Interested on what your method ended up being here. Did you sign up? What approach did you take? I’m in similar situation. Took a break after level 1, married and had first child.

Thinking of starting to study for May 2023 Level II myself.