New job opportunities for Charterholders

Anyone looking for a new job after passing Level 3? Just curious to hear what type of plans you all have for your new status?

I´d count the chickens when they ´re hatched…


I’m not doing the CFA to try and get a job. I already have a CFA type of job…, passing will simply just add the CFA behind my name. I simply just want to finish it since I already passed 1 & 2.

Moving onto the GMAT to see if I can’t land somewhere nice for my MBA. At that point, I hope I’ll have wrapped up all the studying (outside of MBA coursework) I’ll ever have to do.

missinglink. Do you have something in the pipeline for us? let talk. i am currently in an unrelated job and need a finance job. let me know if something comes up.

Thanx buddy

Get yourself down the coast to Cameroon - some large investments planned there in the short-term.

Ferrostaal will need a few good heads I suspect?

stupid kpos in india