New Job v/s Level 3

Guys… I have this new job for 5 months now, and it’s quite demanding. I wanted to stick to the plan and go for level 3 this June… but now I’m having second thoughts. First, coz this job is not (directly) related to portfolio management (it’s corporate controlling). Second, I’m afraid that I may lose focus down the road & may not do justice to either. Of course, the job is really important to me. I am doing ok so far, but it would take a lot more to establish strong footing in months to come. So… does it even matter if I take level 3 next year? I know I will be out of touch….but it may help me secure this Job better… as I’m really into it. Cheers!

You need to decide what is more important to you. I’m in a similar situation at the moment. I working as a Treasury Analyst and am studying for the L3 exam in June. I have just applied for a role internally which is in Fixed Income team and have my 1st interview on Tuesday. This role will be more demanding than my current job and could affect my ability to get through L3. I have decided the new role is more important to me than pssing CFA L3… That said, I will be doing everything I can to ensure I achieve both in 2010! Given you have been there 5 months. I would say stick it out and do what you can to pass CFA this year in whatever time you have left over. If you fail, just have another shot next year, but go for Gold… I will be!

Thanks FearofFailure ! I get your point. It’s good to keep your aims high. All the best, I hope u pass.

job > test has always been the way i see it. but fearoffailure is right- if you can make work your # 1 and still give it a go at L3, do that. at worst, you fail L3 this year and you’re ahead for next year. i had to delay my study start time this year b/c work wanted me to take the series 24 and I had to study and pass that. now i’m lazy and behind in my L3 studies, but here I am. it’s saturday. long weekend. about to jump into SS8. let’s do this. catch up time, baby.

hi bannisja! welcome back. one of my coworkers passed level 3 on 2.5months of studying so it can be done.

Keep your job and study as best you can. I was in a similar situation at LII. I think you’ll benefit tremendously by taking a few days to one week off from work prior to the exam to make final preparations. A few days off from work afterward isn’t a bad idea either.

confucius - you have a name where I have most of my dinner’s in Jersey City Ok back to the point - I am pretty much in a similar quicksand as you. Stuck in this demanding new job and it’s not even closely related to what we study at CFA. Get throw apart till around 7 PM at work and by the time I am ready to open my books - my eyes are ready to go down. As bannisja mentioned job is always priority number 1. I’ll try to juggle and safeguard both simultaneously, but if need be - would let go L3. But it’s only Feb and we still have 4 months to go and I ain’t hearing no negative talks so early in the game!

Thanks people! Appreciate all your thoughts. All things aside, let’s see if my wife lets me ruin yet another half year :):slight_smile: Although she is supportive, I sometimes feel that it’s not fair this way… long working hours… then study…even over the weekends. I mean, COME ONNN…!!! we need to keep some balance here. I am saying this DESPITE the (so called) “long term benefits” of passing the exam early. That said, there is ofcourse no harm in “keeping in touch”…. hitting the material every now and then. But I know myself……I CANNOT pass with this kind of study. LaGrandeFinale: lol….my friends call me this…they even have another version of it… Kufi :slight_smile: Cheers!

starting a new job as well i think i can handle the long hours, but i will not let studying make me fat. i am not going to stop going to the gym