New layout really killed my engagement

I really really hate new website layout. I used to love visit watercooler, but now, i just cannot get used to it. This infinite scroll is just atrocious, when thread has 3k + replies

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Has its pros and cons. I actually like it, but I also don’t visit those massive threads. @chadsandstedt what you think?

See how much cooler that is :joy:

Are you using the slider at the side of the page to navigate to the bottom. If you are logged in the system will remember where you were last and take you there the next time you visit the topic.

Yeah gotta use the drag bar on the left.

Is the drag bar only available on desktop mode tho? Don’t see it when I’m on my iPhone.

It’s available on the iPhone. Just tap the bar and you will be able to scroll.

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Ahh, got it. Many thanks

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I agree. New layout is not great. I feel that things are places that I don’t expect them to be. Old layout was chronological and intuitive.

well covid killed my wedding!

Take a rest and go to bed bro. Things will be okay tmr, I promise. :wink: