New Level 3 Candidates, check in.

First off, I want to extend support to the 47% of the Level 3 candidates who failed this June. I hope you guys do decide to retake the exam in 2009. You can be sure we will need to pick your brains in the run up to next June and, in spite of today’s result, you have definitely set the bar higher for all of us to meet. Congratulations to the fellow new Level 3 candidates. Please check in this thread if you desire!

4 years on L2 forum… glad to be here!!! Really hope L2 is actually the hardest of the 3.

Wow…all the bandwidth/server capacity issues added to the stress/suspense…took me until 9:30 to actually get the results and started at 9:00 on the dot. Congrats to the others that are here and good luck going forward!

Just enrolled for L3 and ordered curriculum. When is everyone starting to study? Is it possible to start too early? I was thinking mid-November should be safe enough.

Forget you chumps. I just climbed up into the CFA treehouse and pulled the ladder up with me!

mid to late Nov.

I’m going to start studying off and on starting now, but I won’t put in too many hours. My main strategy until say February is to just master the material. I have not read up too much on the essay portion, so this is something I will probably have to come up to speed on.

Thanks, sickel.

OffTheBalanceSheet Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 4 years on L2 forum… glad to be here!!! Really > hope L2 is actually the hardest of the 3. Yea good luck I thought lvl 3 was the hardest, least material but the exam is a bear.

L3 is the only level I used the CFA books for (first 2 just Schweser notes). I dunno if it helped, but you might as well try to finish it off in one try. Congrats to L2’ers. L2 is the hump. All of you will eventually pass L3 if you want to.

Dwight, present and accounted for! I guess I will have to change my bookmark now to link to the L3 forum. I hope you guys are as fun as L2 was :wink:

Hello peoples, nice to meet you, glad to be hear.

Good luck everyone. Don’t take L3 lightly. You are probably worn out from struggling through L2, but L3 is even harder. The material seems pretty easy and fluffy, but the exam is a beast – don’t drop the ball now. If you put the time in, you will pass.

Welcome all. Congrats to all L2 passers…


I think I can get used to this LIII forum. Hopefully only for one year though. Books have been ordered and I will probably start looking at them around November/December with a strong push starting in January.


Finally, its time to move to the L3 forum, relief…I’ll start studying January…Started L2 in April and man am I glad I scraped through!

I don’t want to take any chances. I’m going to go all out. I ordered the curriculum and will start in September. Want to read through the CFAI books by end of the year. Schwesser up through mid-April, 6 weeks left for practice tests/review. Did a similar strategy for L2. Lot of time, but I feel when you spread it out you can still have a life on the side and only disappear from the world in May.

here we go… 2 down 1 to go