New Level III Candidates, CALM DOWN

Come back after 8/8! Most of us r feeling stressed out. I am willing to share my experience after the result day, Cheers :slight_smile:

yeah, you young bloods calm down. know your role. go read the one-box two-box tell thread if you want a dose. thanks.

Technically, they are not even L3 candidates.

Let 'em go. And I liked teasing the level 3 candidates last year, along with Kroki.

Be nice to the young guns – about half of you will be sharing the same boat with them during the upcoming 2017-2018 LIII Season.


YEAH!!! EVERYONE CALM THE FREAKIN’ HELL DOWN!!! We are not stressed at all here… L3 forums are as cool as a cucumber… super chill… what do you mean the tell thread is out of control… seems fine… on second thought… AAAAAAHHH, EVERYONE PANIC!!! GRAB YOUR PITCHFORKS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE YOU FOOLS!!! —E —E —E —E

Pssh I’ve registered for the June 23, 2018 Level 3 exam so I’m indeed a Level 3 candidate now! :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I agree with you guys. I think new candidates (including myself) should wait for the current Level 3 results to come out before getting into all these kind of questions.

This guy gets it. Yall have 10 months until exam day. Relax…

No. Start in August as I did last year and yet I’m not very confident.:slight_smile:


Hey Flashback and Black7Mamba. I remember Flashback gave me advice about TTs for Level 2. Passed!!

moh money moh problemz

Just registered for 2018, officially a L3 candidate. Bring it on!

I recently moved to another country. and i think i may this time attempt to tackle L3 fulltime to ensure I pass. work can wait a bit. when should a full time student start?

lmao… ya cant believe that thread is edging on 1000 comments now

To the half that remains on the boat, say hello to your new shipmate! :slight_smile:

Yes, and here it is

Ps: i like hashtag

folks like hashtag make me believe that cfa charter actually worthless as he passes by here way too often instead of managing assets for example. Jeez get life hash already!

With utmost sincerity, I wanna say “thanks!” to those who do the heavy lifting M-F, and make my typical day on the job a bit easier. Takes time though. Hopefully you’ll get there and see what I mean.


is a nice fella once you get to know him/her…at times he/she is bored and wants to be entertained and there is nothing wrong with that as long as it is not at your severe expense, which # is not usually taking advantage off…

to # all candidates are the gladiators in the arena ,… and trust me he/she has the right to sit on the spectacle bench and watch the gladiators… )))