New MBA in Asset and Wealth Management

I’ve been accepted into a new executive MBA program offered through a partnership between Carnegie Mellon University, HEC Lausanne-University of Lausanne (Switzerland), and the Swiss Finance Institute. Upon completion of the 20-month program I will be award two MBAs in Asset and Wealth Management, one from Carnegie Mellon (Tepper School of Business) and one from the University of Lausanne. There will be 6 (2-week each) trips over the 20 months. I will be heading to Switzerland next month for the first trip. This program is costing me 80k, but hopefully the doors it will open will be priceless.

sweet, can i ask why this is relevant to the exam?

Is this a part time MBA?


AndrewUNH-I posted this because it is relevant to those CFA candidates who are interested in pursuing both a CFA charter and an MBA. This is the only top 20 business school that I am aware of that offers a specialized MBA in asset management. I’m choosing to pursue both to maximize my employment potential and I thought others might also be interested in the program as well. Look at the big picture buddy and not just passing the exam. greengrape-it’s an executive MBA and is designed to be completed while maintaining full-time employment.

you get two MBAs? for the price of one? wow. i can see the value.

hilarious. soverby—those big picture posts should go in the back office, would you agree? Good luck. tkiv Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > you get two MBAs? for the price of one? wow. i can > see the value.