New MBA student pursuing CFA level 2


I am an year 1 MBA student in Canada, and I have passed CFA level1. I know it sounds stupid, but in recent days, I am getting more confused about my future career path. I acknowledge that once I start to take MBA and CFA exams, I will get into world of finance, but I still have no idea about which minor path in finance I should choose. Currently, my MBA program provides several streams for me to choose, and the 2 streams I like most are Finance stream and Business Analytics stream. I’m not the kind of salesman and I don’t want to do sales job in the future,


Which stream should I choose?

Are there other paths besides sales job?

Which kind of finance job is more popular in Canada or in the US?

Would you like to tell me what your job is? And do you think what you are doing is rewarding and has great possibility of getting to the top?

Much thanks for your response!


You should consult your university career office on what happens to people in either stream. Join some finance club or something to see what your peers are doing.

To add to this

Look up jobs like financial analyst, Investment analyst, operations, etc… and just read about their day to day. There is a vast amount of jobs in finance and I’m sure you’ll have multiple career paths you’d be interested in. Just read up and when you finish school and opportunities come your way you’ll be a step ahead of most.

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