New Opportunity - Need Advice

Hi All,

I have an interesting career opportunity. I work in a developing market and have been approached by a strong foreign group (boutique private equity group founded by a respectable individual) with access to billions of dollars worth of funds. In addition, the emerging market in which I am currently residing in is doing very well, so we would welcome such expertise and access.

Now, I am currently in the process of moving to a new boutique investment bank (another boutique separate from the foreign group), and this opportunity with the foreign group just fell on on my lap due to an excellent recommendation from a close friend who knows this group.

My idea, and as part of making me more attractive to this potential employer (the local investment bank), is to propose partnering with this foreign group by either (1) continuing with the current model of independent advisory and just split fees with the foreign group on a per-transaction or retainer basis or (2) create a local PE fund that can control the funds brought in by this group. With these models in mind, I would then work for the local group full time with a salary and share of earnings.

I have a meeting with this new employer next week and I’d like to ask for advice on how I should go about structuring the package. I have about 5 years of corporate finance experience (minimal M&A and mostly Debt Capital Markets). What kind of proposal would you give this potential employer? Would you ask to be an associate with a salary plus bonus? Would you ask for a junior partner status? I feel like I should ask to be junior partner since I am giving him access to billions of dollars and connections that no other associate can ever offer, but at the same time, my level of experience is at that of an associate. But I can’t also do this alone since I have yet to build my reputation in this market since I have only been here for 2.5 years.

Let’s just say that the potential employer is very experienced but had spent most of his time in New York (with an Ivy League education MBA) and just set-up shop here. He has the expertise and reputation (due to his experience working for some of the top groups in New York) which I would like to use as leverage. I have experience, but I am a non-Ivy-leaguer and have worked in Operations/Treasury for the first two and half years of my working life. I am currently a CFA L3 candidate as well. I have been working in Debt Capital Markets and M&A for the last 2.5 years. and my last 2.5 years was spent in this emerging market while the previous 2.5 years was spent in the West Coast. I am also from this emerging country and he isn’t, so I have more connections than him.

Any tips on how I should approach this new opportunity?


way too long, can you summarize that?

Hi Itera, here is a summary:

A foreign group is trying to enter the emerging market I work in and I will be approaching another local group to work for them. This foreign group is very reputable and would add a lot of value to the local group. I am at an associate’s level in terms of experience and the founder of this local group is very experienced handling a small team. How would you go about packaging the proposal for employment with him? would you propose to be a junior partner since I will be bringing in billions in foreign funds? or would that be too aggressive given my experience? I am also willing to have my title as associate but I’d like a fair share of the pie given that I will be bringing in the foreign group. Thoughts?

Thanks for your time.

If you can bring in billions of funds, then reach for the stars with this one kid. In fact, I’d start shopping your book. Maybe another firm will pay more.

Thanks geo. Much appreciated. I have my meeting in the next few days and I have drafted a proposal on how much can be generated given the funds and opportunities. It’s a very unique situation, but I will go with your advice and reach for the stars!

Bringing in billions…bro get real. Please dont say that in your proposal.