New Orleans December Level 1

is there anyone who is planning on taking december 08 exam level 1 and interested in forming a study group in New Orleans area?

New Orleans Level 1 anybody?

ssdnola…u go to Tulane?

No. I graduated from University of New orleans. How about you? Are you planning on taking the exam on December?

come on new orleans people

I live in NOLA and am interested in finding a study group for the December exam. At the moment, I have yet to officially register (plan to before August deadline), to purchase any study materials, or, for that matter, start studying. Where do you typically study? Let me now if you would like to meet up. Also, which study material did you choose? I am thinking Schweser. - Philip

Glad to finally hear someone interested in taking the CFA exam in new orleans. I study the CFA Institute books right now. I am interested in forming a study group here in new orleans to help each other out. I study at coffee shops most of the time. I started studying five weeks ago and I am finishing my 3 book out of 6 books. If you are intersted to pursue the program then i think you need to go ahead and start now( CFA suggest 6 months of study) to give your self enough time to study, revise and practice. To answer your last questions, You will be getting CFA Institute books once you register and for schweser notes, a lot people say that they are very helpful and less shorter and complicated than CFA books.

I should receive my study packet from Schweser in a week or so. Once that happens, would you like to meet up to exchange contact information and possibly study? I realize that I am behind you in term of studying, but it would be nice to study with someone, even if we are not at the same point in the materials yet. Let me know what you think…

I just met another fella at the coffee shop today who is also studying for CFA Level 1 December exam. I live in metairie, so most of the time i study at coffee shops around this area. But it shoud not be a problem if you do not live in metairie we can still meet somewhere in the city ( mostly weekend). So yeah, once you get your stuff we can definetly meet and study together.

Here is my email address so you can email me when you get your books.