New Philly Test Center

Anyone else agree that the new Philly test center at Oaks was 1000x better than the old one in Center City? So much easier to get to, cheaper hotel, free parking etc. Was a much better experience than the previous location.

Also, I heard from someone that there were about 6,000 at our center? I would estimate about 750 in our L2 hall, about 250 in the L3 hall and definitely not 5000 in the L1 hall - Did i miss some large group of L1s that were hidden in another hall or something? Looked like about as many L1s as there were L2s

Entirely disagree (granted im biased by the 15min to Convention Center from my home). The line for the bathroom was ridiculously long both in the testing room and beforehand. It was pretty terrible to downgrade to a location that was very unprepared for the number of people coming/going all on the same schedule. I feel that the CFAI screwed up by switching locations

I agree that the bathroom situation was bad but i thought overall it was better. Not sure why they switched - i think there were less candidates in total than i saw at the philly center last year so they either needed less space or got a better rate