New Phone

Sirs, I am looking to get an upgrade for my phone. Currently have the DroidX with Verizon. I am looking for another Android phone. Any suggestions on coolest/best Android phone out there right now? I have been out of the phone game for a while. Before anyone says “Get an iPhone”, I contemplated that but my company just gave me an iPhone 5, obviously for work use but can do anything and everything i want on it (ill stay away from le porn tho) and they said don’t even worry about the data consumption.

So yea…thoughts? Thanks.

Galaxy S4, it’s what the cool crowd has moved to.

The new htc One looks pretty badass.

I feel like Galaxy phone has become the cliche now. In the Galaxy S3 advertisement, some guy makes fun of the iPhone because old parents are getting it. However, in the Galaxy S4 advertisement there is an old guy who likes it because of the “easy mode”.

Anyway, why do you want to pay for another phone if you already have an iPhone that can be used for anything but “le porn”? Is the implication that you will have a phone exclusively for porn?

Nokia tries a commercial making fun of Apple & Samsung users.


Note that in the entire commercial, it doesn’t say jack about what’s so special about the Nokia…

I’d go for the S4, though I have to say the new features strike me as being rather pointless.

When I first saw this video about the S4 features I thought it was a joke. The guy goes through all these ridiculous features like Air Gesture and Air View which seem completely pointless to me. For example, they allow you to answer your phone without touching it. I mean, yeah, I guess that might be useful if you’re eating ribs and want to answer your phone without getting it dirty, but it’s hardly a selling point of the phone really.

Seems like there’s very little real innovation going on so phone designers are reaching to the bottom of their bag of tricks to sell their latest models.

Fbook phone.

I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It’s perfect for reading stuff on the subways, not to mention that because of its size and functionality, it’s a real hit with the chiiiiiiiiiicks.

Please search for numi’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sales pitch thread.

But yes agreed, cool kids are getting Samsung Galaxy these days. I feel like such a loser with my Iphone 5

Yeah, critics have panned the new features as gimmicks. Is it really more convenient to wave your hand in front of the phone to answer calls, rather than just touch the screen? I suppose the features might have some marketing appeal though, as people can show it off to their friends, even if they don’t ultimately use it much. Consumers are a fickle bunch, and it’s not unreasonable to expect them to pay for some feature that will entertain them for a couple of weeks.

Of course, Galaxy S4 benefits from increases battery life over its predecessor, and a superior screen compared to the iPhone. These are real benefits, unlike the questionable new features.

Not available on Verizon.

I just moved from a BB Bold to the Galaxy S3 and love it. I realize the S4 is now available, but I didn’t really see the upgrades to the 4 being worth the price difference.

Wave your hand in front of the Galaxy and answer the call. It’s like using the force!

“Use the force, and together we will RULE the Galaxy!”

i rock a flip and an old school blackberry. I’m too lazy to get a new phone.

I keep ignoring emails that I have to upgrade my firm’s smartphone. Will wait until two dudes show up in my office and slap a new phone on my desk: “give us your phone, noooow!”