New Rules in Canada

It used to be that in order to be a registered as a Portfolio Manager directly with the securities commission and have discretionary authority over client accounts you had to have 1. CFA or 2. Level one CFA and CIM Plus a certain number of years of expereince As of Septmeber the rules are 1. CFA and 12 months experience or 2. CIM and 48 months experience Any thoughts on this change

First, you have a lot of ethics violations in your synopsis. Second, isn’t requiring a charter PLUS 12 months a bit redundant, seeing as more than 12 months is required to be a charter holder.

Thanks for the heads up. How is experience redundant? Just because you attain the charter does not mean you have specifically worked in discretionary management managing portfolio’s

I didn’t realize it was 12 months of experience doing “discretionary management managing portfolio’s” Well, at least we can settle the age old debate CFA v. CIM CIM - 12 months of discretionary management managing portfolio’s = CFA

CFA is definately a much more rigorous program but for being an icpm especially on the retail side the CIM seems to cover most of the same stuff. I did show my formula sheet to a CFA at a local PM and they were using all the same stuff in their calcualtions and models.