new sections/info for 2008

it seeming like i’m going to be relying pretty heavily on schweser and use cfa readings to fill in the gaps (although i will have read them once in their entirity, vs. probably 5 times for schweser). anyhow, i’m wondering if anyone can point me to a listing of what sections are new for 2008… the reason i ask is that cfa/schweser sounds like cat/mouse from what i’ve heard from others. cfa doesn’t seem to like the fact that people rely so heavily on schweser (and other prep texts). so i’m thinking the #1 place that cfa can have pretty unique questions is newer areas as schweser, while they will have written a section on the subject, won’t have had years to adjust and finetune the material. thanks in advance!!.. no doubt, there’s probably a listing somewhere in the cfa material. i might even have been good to ask where the best general info from CFA on level 2 exam is.

I’m assuming you’re asking for new sections because you have the schweser 2007 notes? If so this link might be of use to you: Remember that Stalla and Schweser are going to exaggerate the difference in the LOS because they want to make a case for you (or your company) to shell out the dough. The way I approach this is sit with a print out of the LOSs and go through the book and use the schweser notes as a memory enforcer and checking off each LOS as I go down the list.

devsathe, much appreicated… i have looked into it and will take my question one step further. areas where the schweser is deficient. like i said, of course, it is cat and mouse the relationship between CFA and these study note companies…