new study plan

since I have very limited time I devised a new strategy for studying so instead of studying thoroghly all chapters and review last 3 weeks (was the original plan), I will read all chapters very fast in 6 WEEKS. thats 3 chapters a week. (this way I will familiarize myself with the subjects and it will be a good preperation for thorough studying) then I will do questions at the end of chapters, with some reading reviews (1.5 WEEKS) then I will study all chapters but this time much deeper (taking some notes) (3 WEEKS) and last WEEK I will do all practice exams again with some review I think this will be much more efficient since I will keep refreshing my memory. for level 2, I had studyied once thoroghly but even then by the end of the study time I had forgotten early chapters (quant, temporal method etc) so I had to re-study them anyway in the last 1 month review time so what do u guys think? seems difficult but I think more efficient. 3 chapters a week means 1 chapter in 3 days. I think doable. each chaper is 50 pages long anyway (stalla)